"Calm Labor     Peaceful Birth"

Children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

 As a doula I will guide you through the end of your pregnancy, during your intense contractions, being at your birth location (home or hospital) and postpartum stay.

Prenatal sessions are to help you become informed and confident about your pregnancy and the childbirth process, as well as build a trusting relationship with your doula. Labor options will be discussed and you will be encouraged to educate yourself in these options as your doula assists you in developing your birth plan.

 Labor support can make a significant difference having a doula there to assist with your labor comfort and progress, to remind you that what's happening is normal and healthy, and to give you information about your care. Your doula will use techniques to enhance your labor and minimize your pain and make suggestions as labor progresses and help with relaxation, light touches, positioning and other techniques for comfort. 

Postpartum visits are needed after birthing your bundle of joy in the hospital or your home to check on you and the baby again. Your doula will make sure that you feel comfortable with your healing, baby breast or formula feeding, sleeping, and other household responsibilities. 

Phone Support you call and texts for questions, concerns or encouragement.

FEE: $700.00

 FEE: $800.00

 Mother Love Service

  • One prenatal visit with you and your partner to prepare for birth, on call for birth, & attend birth 

  • One 90 minute postpartum visit to provide support around adjustment and process the birth.

            Mother K Love Service

  • Two prenatal visits with you and your partner to prepare for birth and postpartum.

  • Email,  phone and text support.

  • On call for birth, attend birth, two 90 minutes postpartum visits.

Research shows that the availability of this type of support in labor can reduce your chance of having a cesarean, vacuum extraction or forceps birth; the likelihood that you will use pain medications; and the risks associated with these interventions. Thus, planning for excellent support in labor is a way to make birth safer and healthier for you and your baby. Research also shows that having good support can affect how you feel about your birth, and that memories of childbirth experiences often stay with women throughout their lives.